Nlt helpfinder bible

This is little bible I would have to say is my favorite bible to use!! I love everything about it. It’s definitely helping me in my walk with God and applying the word to my life.

Features include:

• Helpfinder index – it provides instant access to thousands of verses and notes on over 100 key topics that are important and relevant for life today.

•Application notes – nearly 500 in text application notes on specific needs help you understand how the truths you read in God’s word apply to your personal situation.

•Book introductions – include an outline of the book and key verses, and helps you focus on the needs or concerns addressed in the book.

•Promises from God – 177 callouts highlight bible promises.

•Quick topic finder at the back of the bible (9 pages front and back)

•Great bible passages to study and memorize (2 pages)

•Great bible stories for discovering God’s truth (4 pages front and back)

I would have to say if you’re looking for a new bible or your first bible I would definitely recommend this one. It’s a great resource to have with everything it has in it, and not to mention the nlt (new living translation) is so easy to read and understand, it’s one of my favorite translations. Also I bought this bible from Christian book, they have it for $16.49. They also have other cover options available. You can also get it from Amazon or Ebay as well (not sure of their prices)

CSB study bible

{I received this bible for an exchange of an honest review}
I haven’t yet started in this bible yet but just by looking through every single page, I can tell you that it’s pack with so much information. I love how every book introduction has a picture of some kind, it has cross references that are centered in the middle, it’s a 2 column text, it’s also a great font size in my opinion it’s very readable, it has verse by verse study notes, word studies in the middle of some of the study notes (Hebrew and Greek), maps all throughout, pictures and illustrations all throughout (they’re so beautiful!), it also has timelines of biblical events and world history, charts, essays that give in depth coverage of major biblical theological issues, the new testament has Jesus words in red (always like that in a bible), it has 72 or 73 pages of csb concordance, it also has two bible reading plans in the back of it, the first plan will take you through the bible in 3 years giving you smaller portions to read each day, and the second plan will take you through 4 portions of scripture each day from various parts of the bible. And then read through the old testament once and the new testament twice within a year.

It’s also a big bible but with so much packed inside of it it’s worth the size and it’s also not too too heavy and that’s always a plus.

If you’re looking for a study bible or a new study bible I definitely recommend this one and also the CSB translation is one of my favorites because it’s easy to read and understand without taking away from the bible’s original meaning.

Csb study bible for women

I’ve had this bible for about 7 months now, and although I haven’t used it as much as I should, it’s a great bible and definitely one to add to your collection!

I like everything about this bible! But my favorite thing would have to be the “written on my heart” at the end of book when you finish them. It’s a great way to finish the books each of the bible!

Features include:

Extensive commentary notes, word studies, answers to hard questions, doctrinal notes, biblical womanhood articles, character profiles, the “written on my heart” applications, extensive book introductions, presentation pages, in-text maps, charts, and timelines, concordance including all women in the bible, full color maps, Smyth sewn binding, two column text, 9.25 point type, content outline, and key verses for every book

And also the csb translation is one of my favorites because it’s easy to read and understand. And that’s also a plus when picking out a new bible!

I purchased this bible from lifeway on sale for around $20.00, but you can also get this bible from Christian book store and Amazon. They also have other cover options available as well.